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Dream Embodiment: Adventuring intimately via voice and creative arts

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, 2014. With curiosity, we listen, move, draw, collage, echo, and sound to our dreams. What you are journeying into is a multimodal documentation of my practice-led research … Continue reading

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Connections with Place, Connections with Self.

Kay Salehi, 2014. The purpose of this study was to understand how people connect with place in a retirement village and to explore what this meant for them and how … Continue reading

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Life After Art School: An Inquiry into Fine & Visual Art Graduates’ Experiences of Creative “Stuckness”

Natalya Garden-Thompson, 2014. This research was informed by my personal experience of what I have come to call creative “stuckness.” After graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, … Continue reading

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My Body: a landscape of my experience.

Kay Gravell, 2009. This emergent qualitative inquiry uses an intersubjective multi-modal methodology as developed by MIECAT, which, I argue, could be viewed as constituting a new paradigm under the post … Continue reading

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She Who Laughs Last

Pam Hellema, 2011. The purpose of this qualitative research paper is to explore women’s experience of humour and the meanings derived from their experiences. In doing so, this study takes … Continue reading

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Engaging in a Moment …a collaborative inquiry

Helen Scarr, 2011 This inquiry Engaging in a moment, is predominantly existential. It introduces the voice of engagement that I applied to my workplace and community to find an inquiry … Continue reading

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Rosalie Hearne, 2011. A STUDY OF FLOW CO-CONSTRUCTED WITH THE RIVER AND ITS SURROUNDS The aim of this project is to explore the experience of “flow” using a multi-modal arts … Continue reading

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An exploration… How does Dance Therapy support students‘ learning experiences at Sunshine Special Developmental School?

Marita Jacobsson, 2011. This inquiry explores and illuminates how dance therapy supports students’ learning within a specialist program at a special developmental school. This experiential creative arts based inquiry is … Continue reading

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I see the moon and the moon sees me…

Joan Quagliana, 2011. I see the moon and the moon sees me—reflective practice and Parent-Child Mother Goose® The Parent-Child Mother Goose® Program (P-CMG) is a supported playgroup model using song, … Continue reading

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As Above so Below, as Within so Without: To notice such things…

Kim Fox, 2011 My intention was to inquire with the value of openness alongside teachers. We would search into our experience of looking at, and listening to both our inner … Continue reading

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